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"Daniel Varga Eastern Quartet is an international quartet that has moved towards modern mainstream jazz.

The vigorously swinging energetic rhythm referred to solid roots in the jazz tradition, but their phrasing, harmony, melody and sound clearly pointed to the current influences. The typical quartet reminded me of other modern bands that have a guitar and a saxophone in their cast.

Stylization and arrangements were presented to Andres Thor, Hristo Vicheva or Gilad Hekselman. At the core of the music stood energetic, built on great chemistry and interplay of the quartet. There were also improvisations that had a standard chorus, but the artists showed themselves with a very original rhythmic-melodic phrase, especially guitarist Piotr Lipowicz and saxophonist Dániel Varga. The bassist also showed great improvisational invention, but I was most interested in his full, soft, warm tone. The drummer combined all of this with his great groove ability, but there was no lack of plasticity and rhythm variations to which he responded to his colleagues' phrases.

It was a great concert full of energy!" - Peter Dobšinský


"Varga Dániel a fiatal zenészgeneráció egyik legkiemelkedőbb alakja, aki szaxofonjátékának, szerzeményeinek és hangszereléseinek köszönhetően a szakma és a közönség részéről egyaránt folyamatos figyelemben részesül. Saját neve alatt működő quartetje és a vezetése alatt álló fúziós big band, a Moped Loewen Európa számos országában beférkőzött a kortárs zenét kedvelők tudatába."

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VOCOMAN + DDT aka grooves

Vocoman and DDT is a Hungarian experimental free music project, which had the goal to improvise shapes and songs out of nothing. Using the colors of electronic music, rock, noize, free jazz, ambient, neosoul, rnb, garage etc. Everything is cooked up at the moment.


MORDÁI is a Hungarian folk rock group that draws upon the repertoire of the experimental folk movements of the 60s and 70s (Muzsikás Zenekar, Sebő ensemble, etc). The band's tone and subject matter summons and is driven by the dark presence of the Outlaw.


The members of the band, formed in 2020, are active musicians of the Hungarian and international jazz and popmusic scene, who found each other in Budapest. Their music is instrumental jazz, which captivates fans of more powerful genres with its clearer yet dynamic themes. Their melancholic compositions are rhythmically extremely diverse, with beat-based music and contemporary musical impressions.

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