Hi! Here you can find all the works, sounds, tryouts, and demos, that I made as a sound designer or producer.
I can already tell you that I feel most confident in orchestral indie-like music. You could already experience this if you checked out my band: Moped Loewen.

But here, on this tab, you will find my solo projects and experiments under the name: D∆NiEL ∆RON. I hope you will like it!

Pink and Yellow:

Aka. my final exam from imPro School's music producer course. (Still a work in progress)

My goal was to write a "radio-friendly" length love song, but in my style. I used a guitar, a saxophone, a flute, my voice, a bass synth plugin and a few samples and loops for drums. I wrote the lyrics too. It's about how I fell in love with my wife and her style of living including her aesthetic choices, which mostly end up in pink or yellow, like our furniture at home.



Foals - Spanish Sahara (Orchestral Cover):

This was one of my projects during my studies as music producer at imPro School. I wanted to do something monumental only with recording and sampling techniques.

I was using my voice, a saxophone, a flute, a guitar, a floor tom, a kick drum, a cymbal, a tamburiene, and the built in samplers of Ableton. I wanted to write a whole song for this project, but I just couldn't come up with lyrics fast enough. Then the vibe of the song and the chord changes reminded me of Spanish Sahara, so then I decided to use it. Thats how it became a cover.


Late Night Rhodes Trip:

My synthesis exam. The challenge was to make sounds and music with synths. Tweaked, nudged, designed by myself. So no presets and bought soundbanks etc. I was mostly using the built in synths and effects of Ableton. So no hardware in this one, but working this way inspired me to start investing in the real stuff. Also during this project I was learning a lot about how many possibilities are there just with automatization. So I learned a lot about Ableton too. NeoSoul for my babes!