varga daniel szaxofon saxophone

The Hungarian saxophonist and composer is working on his own voice, which could be defined as superimposed indie or superimposed jazz.

Either way he is a true designer, who carries out interesting experiments from the elements of academical jazz studies and simple indie music.


If mixing his musical influences together wasn’t enough, he grew up in an independent Pentecostal-Charismatic church (Faith Church), where he was thought how to be a spiritual Christian Disciple.


As he is looking for the right answers and paths in his life, he is also searching for the right decisions in his music, be improvised or composed. His experimental approach got him awards on competitions and earned him funds by cultural organizations.




Daniel started to play the saxophone at the age of 10. Shortly after that, he got interested in improvisation and jazz. From the age of 13 he was playing every week in the local church. (Nagykanizsa). In high school he became a private student so he could go to the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where he was taking private lessons from the professors of the jazz conservatory and academy. (Gábor Kollmann and István Elek).

After high school he got accepted to the Béla Bartók Conservatory while at the same time he was already studying Theology at the Saint Paul Academy.

In 2013 he left Hungary and started studying at the University of Performing Arts in Graz (KUG) in Austria. His teachers were Julian Argueles and Heinrich von Kailnein.


He is present as soloist and as bandleader in the Eastern European Scene. In 2019 he was invited to participate and compete at the Michael Brecker International Saxophone Competition, where he ended up in the best 8 from the world.

Daniel got influenced by modern contemporary jazz from very early in his carrier, which pushed him in to the journey of finding his on voice. On every concert he would have a new setlist, because he would get inspired by new things, which made him write new pieces.

During his saxophone studies at KUG, he got more ambitious, and started writing and arranging for bigger ensemble set ups. Jazz Orchestra, Big band, Nonett, and more horn combos.

One of the consequences of this ambitions is the Moped Loewen Jazz Rock Orchestra, a 14 piece band, which released a 4 song EP (Jazz Rock Orchestra) in 2019. In this band of his, he is not only working as composer, arranger, but as singer/song writer too.

After he finished his saxophone studies, he continued with jazz composing MA at the KUG, under the hands of Ed Partyka.

In 2019 he was chosen to be part of the Modern Art Orchestra masterclass program. Shortly after he recorded an album with the orchestra during the pandemic in 2021, which will be released in the summer.
One of his compositions was awarded during the 44th annual Downbeat Student Awards, as Outstanding in the Original Composition for Large Ensembles category.