Hi! I am Daniel Varga.

You might know me as a saxophonist, a composer,

an arranger, a producer, a singer, a frontman, an organizer, a teacher,  a husband, a father, a church dude or

just a random happy pal from a bar.

No worries, you are at the right place. I am kind of all of that or at least I try to be. Here I will guide you through all the things that I am doing right now, or done in the past.


Thank you for visiting! Cheers!

Bio/About: Daniel is a young Hungarian saxophonist and composer. He studied music in Austria at the University of Music and Perfoming Arts Graz (KUG). After the school years he moved back to Budapest, where he is currently living now. He got into the semi finals of the first Michale Brecker International Saxophone Competition as a saxophonist, then he released his first big band album with the Modern Art Orchestra in 2021 as composer, and was featured as soloist too. He founded the band called Moped Loewen in 2016, which delivered some of the finest experimental indie music fused with orchestral elements in the past 3 years. Now he is working on his debut album as jazz saxophonist with his Eastern European quartet.


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